The village is situated along the shores of the Villarrica Lake at the foot of the active Volcano Villarrica and its quite stable weather (especially in the summer) make it the secret destination of the Chilean experienced traveler. Several hardly touched natural preserves such as Huerquehue National Park can easily be reached from our Hotel where you can explore untouched fauna and flora. Pucón also offers a variety of other activities and adventures such as horseback riding, river rafting, kayaking, great hiking tours, ascents to the active volcano, skiing on the volcano with breathtaking views or simply relax in a natural hot spring… Pucón – situated roughly 780 Km south of Santiago or 100 Km southeast of Temuco – can easily be reached by plane (either to Temuco or during the summer months directly to Pucón) or by Bus or car. We recommend the Premium bus service from Turbus which offers an overnight passage with 180° seats – a great way to start your vacation.


    Pucón’s climate tends to be Mediterranean, with temperate, short summers and cold humid winters. The summer period (October to March) is usually characterized by moderate to warm weather with relatively plenty of sun shine and moderate rains. It is the ideal travel period for horseback riding, hiking, and all kind of water activities and for ascents to the Volcano. The winter in Pucón is usually quite cold and offers unusual and interesting winter activities such as skiing on the Volcano, snowshoeing in Natural Parks, horseback riding or pure relaxation in one of the many natural hot springs or to enjoy a great Yoga class or other in-house activities of the Hotel.


    The local indigenous people are called the Mapuches which literally means „people of the earth“. This ancient civilization has gone through a difficult history, continually facing opposition, but they have remained free and independent. The Mapuche Art is known for their beautiful metal work, especially silver jewelry such as head dresses and necklaces as well unique wooden carvings. They also have an ancient tradition on weaving textile and carpets. Pucón has a small Mapuche Museum and many places where you can still explore the traditional Mapuche way of living, eating and socializing.


    The Nationalpark Huerquehue is situated just 35 Km outside of Pucón and offers vastly untouched flora and fauna. This beautiful landscape is very popular for its sumptuous vegetation and the numerous picturesque lagoons. Virgin forest with ancient Araucarias (some of them over 1’000 years old), blue mountain lakes and wild cascades make this park a prime target for unforgettable hiking tours. Villarrica National Park is one of the largest national parks in Chile with 63’000 ha and stretches from Pucón to the Argentine border. The centerpiece of the park is a line of three volcanoes stretching transversely to the Andean range: Villarrica, Quetrupillán, and Lanín.